This months work is really what I needed. Was feeling a bit ho hum about work and life, lacking motivation and wanting for inspiration to appear out of the woodwork. I tend to feel like this every July/August when I question my work, career, family life and get a bit stuck in a rut.
The work has me really creating momentum with some major projects that I am responsible for and I am now 6 weeks ahead of schedule and feeling really good.
What has come from this however is:
1) Realisation that most of my team that I manage are terribly un-engaged at work, just going through the motions, not connected at all to their work.
2) I tend to blame work for my stress, occasions when I loose it at home, for why I dont have time to cook healthy meals, work out, yet this month I am managing to work out, eat well, feel energised, get results and I have even lost 1.5 kilos!
So equal parts good and bad from this I guess.
How can I coach my team to be more engaged with their work, to self motivate, create their own schedule and manage progress etc?
Any tips?
Also how to I maintain this? I guess its about intention right? Planning ahead, being clear and balancing work, health, family etc? I dont know I could maintain this pace every month, maybe I could, but to be honest I like that some months are more family, less work, others are the other way around, it feels nice to be able to go hard in one area then focus on another if that makes sense?