I joined this month and its the perfect time, school holidays are alwasy a hard time for me. I am a single parent and work full time and school holidays are always a time when I get extra frustrated at the fact my ex does not help with our children at all. I have taken the first week off to take the kids to the beach and the 2nd week they are in OSHC which they hate and blame me for. They should blame their father, not me! But I know what you will say, I am resisting reality. Anyway, I wanted to post to say I am new, I am here, showing up to do the work, and working on better internal questions is right on point for me right now! Thank you for your work Laura, I have listened to the podcast all year and accessed lots of your free workbooks which have helped me make some significant changes in my life, really grateful for all the work you do and how much you put out for no cost at all. Xx Jane