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I turn 50 today.
I feel amazing.
This course, of which i have been diligently doing the work every day since January 1, has allowed me to open to who I am at my core, own my values, design my life, lose a few kilos, decide to work less, sleep more, take up hiking and finally feel free.
No crisis in site.
Thank you for your work Laura. You have given me such a gift.

Laura's Answer:

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    Test User November 6, 2018 at 6:16 pm - Reply

    This is so good! And such funny timing. I was on the phone with The Advertiser Sunday Mail today (Adelaide’s local paper) with a journalist friend of mine who is running a story on mid life being a time when we have often this special opportunity, when families are older, money isn’t an issue like it was in our younger years, and we can actually start to live a life of purpose and meaning, be in integrity and no longer do things just because we feel we should.
    There is such a gift in the struggle of this work.
    The growth that comes from taking a look inside and owning who you really are.
    Love to you my friend – so so proud!

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