ok so here it is.
what I really want.
is my career.
more than motherhood.
which is hard because I am a mother.
but I am so over motherhood.
I want to focus on my career like my husband has for years while I have managed home and part time work.
we have discussed it.
he is going to resign…officially, TODAY! which will see him finishing work just before term 1 begins next year.
and I am going to focus on my business which I have been running successfully for 5 years now, with offices here and interstate.
it is my baby
I love it like I love my kids
not more, but the same
oh the judgement that is coming my way thought Laura from family and friends
Im not sure how to handle that
my husband and I are on then same page
but the school mums, my mother in law, my sisters…why are only women coming to mind here?
how to I manage the judgement?
and also – thank you from the bottom of my heart. this year I have committed to this program and have grown into the person I wanted to be as a little girl.
kind confident strong committed and wise
I finally feel I am who I am supposed to be
(sorry for lack of editing here I am typing from my iPhone)
2018 has been by far the best year of my life when it comes to personal growth
I recommend you and your work to everyone, I am like a walking YLD advertisement!
and proud to be one too
thank you for your work and for sharing it
we go on holiday to the US in a week so I have done the December work a little quickly
and I am ready for a new year like no other
love to you
and happy holidays xx