I have noticed I do not manage the switch between work and home. I work fill time and am the primary breadwinner for our family. My husband is the primary caregiver for the kids and works 2 days a week from home in school hours. We have defined roles and this works well for us. I come home from work most evenings 6pm to an organised home where my husband has it under control. Kids are sometimes tired, its a busy and noisy time of day, but things are managed well. I have no issue with how he runs the show. What I do have an issue with is ME! I am often short, impatient, craving quiet after a long day in a fast paced, at times stressful job as a surgeon. I feel guilty because I get such little time during the week with the kids, but its like my tank is empty. Last night I was so short with my youngest. I want to change this, but how, I am so tired its like I dont have the energy to manage my mind at this time of day. Help!