sleep depravation

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So I realise I decide how I show up, how I think and feel about my situation.
But the challenge I find is sleep depravation. I have a baby at home, I am tired, I sleep at best 5 hours a night and have done for what feels like 5 years, with 3 older children at home too.
It is the main thing that I complain about.
It feels like it impacts my every day.
Somedays I am so tired I don’t feel safe driving. I take cat naps standing at the line up at the supermarket.
It feels like a cloud that never leaves me.
How do I manage this better when I have no real control over the circumstances given I have to be up to breastfeed and settle kids each night?

Laura's Answer:

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    What if you are managing it already, just fine?
    If you didn’t resist the tiredness, if you let it be there, what would you focus on more?
    Cat naps in the supermarket line up, asking for help, booking in a sitter if its possible…what can you do to soften the edges of this tiredness?
    Do that.
    Then let the tired be there.
    Be kind to yourself.
    Let it be a cloud, choose to dance in the rain when you can, and when you cant, know that is totally ok.
    You are doing a good job my friend. Be kind to yourself. Tired is hard, you can do hard.

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