How to design your life for optimal wellbeing?


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Join Laura Carrocci, Life Coach and Strategist in this free training.

This webinar gives you a proven life design formula, that allows you to create a
life where you thrive in all areas.

These 6 steps show you how you can get the foundations right.
You will learn how to identify what your highest priorities are.
How to ensure that they are reflected in your time.
How to better manage your time.
How to deal with overwhelm and procrastination.
How to integrate your personal and professional life.
How to better manage your emotions.
How to stay on task and create the future you want for yourself.

What people are saying…

I just loved the webinar Laura! Fantastic framework for getting the foundations right, getting clear on what it is I want for myself and my career and managing my mind and time. I am sold on the YLD formula. Simple, clear and shows me how to actually apply this to my life immediately. Thanks for the live Q and A too, great to get your feedback on my particular circumstances.
Alena C.