6 Secrets

to Improve Your Relationships

How to improve your relationships and increase your influence?


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Join Laura Carrocci, Life Coach and Strategist in this free training.

This training shows you how, in just 6 days, you can transform your relationships and increase your influence.

Whether you want to improve your intimate relationship, relationship with your children, family or team, this challenge gives you a proven strategy to achieve this.

You will receive a free video training AND free daily workbooks to show you how to implement this strategy in your life starting today!

You will learn how to manage your emotions.
You will feel confident in your ability to engage in a positive way.
You will learn how to influence without forcing your expectations.
You will learn how to turn up as your best self in every situation no matter what the circumstances.
You will understand how to connect on a meaningful level with others.

What people are saying…

This 6-day challenge made a tremendous difference to how my ex and I interact, and he didn’t even do the challenge! I had been feeling so resentful and frustrated. I felt totally helpless and stuck. I found a way to feel so much better about our relationship and confident in my ability to do the best I can for the kids and not feel totally exhausted and frustrated with our situation.
Doing the workbooks wasn’t easy, but I am glad I did, abet the week after the challenge! The training made me realise I was thinking some terrible things about my business partner that I didn’t even notice before that I was running in my head. I was approaching every meeting on guard, expecting a disagreement, ready to be challenged. This was what was exhausting me! I understood intellectually that I can’t change him, he is 57 and not changing any time soon! But I was behaving like I could. I was thinking I could make him more like me. That was why there was so much push back. I went back to why we started this business together and saw that I still have so much to learn from him, and no doubt him from me, we both have our rough edges, but we also can work very well together when we just let the other be. Really glad I took the time to do this!
Max G.