How to get clear, focused and ready to step it up in 2018


    Thursday 28th December at 2pm ACST (2.30pm AEST)

  • Join Laura Carrocci, Life Coach and Strategist in this free premium training.

    Too many Decembers are spent in a state of unconsciousness.

    Don’t waste this time.

    It is important you get clear now what it is you want to create for yourself in 2018. This webinar will teach you…

    How to get clear on what your future looks like.
    How to manage your energy, no more peaks and troughs, no more feeling exhausted all too often.
    How to stay focused throughout the year and not lose sight of the goal, no more procrastinating and distracting.

    How to generate results and be more productive.
    How to create your own personal curriculum for your ongoing personal development and growth.
    How to feel shit scared and do it anyway.

    What it means to sustain success long term, in all areas and how to ensure yours.

    This webinar will show you how to arrive in December 2018 and look back on what you have created and feel proud.

    If you are wanting to improve your health, grow your business, transform your relationship, be a better parent…change your life, this webinar will show you how to start 2018 with your feet on the ground, ready to do the work and confident in your ability to achieve success.

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