From work to home

I have noticed I do not manage the switch between work and home. I work fill time and am the primary breadwinner for our family. My husband is the primary caregiver for the kids and works 2 days a week from home in school hours. We have defined roles and this works well for us. [...]

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December I love you

Laura this December content is brilliant! I love it! So energised about 2019, this time knowing that I am not blindly going into the year with all the things I feel I 'should' be setting as goals. In the past its always been 'loose some weight' (which I really do not need to) and 'drink [...]

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courage to be me…

ok so here it is. what I really want. is my career. more than motherhood. which is hard because I am a mother. but I am so over motherhood. OVER IT!!! I want to focus on my career like my husband has for years while I have managed home and part time work. we have [...]

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sleep depravation

So I realise I decide how I show up, how I think and feel about my situation. But the challenge I find is sleep depravation. I have a baby at home, I am tired, I sleep at best 5 hours a night and have done for what feels like 5 years, with 3 older children [...]

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Laura I love you

Thank you for this year. For the program, the work, you're passion and honesty. I feel like a new woman at the end of this year 8 kilos lighter, with more money in the bank than ever before, with a stronger marriage, closer relationships with my kids and an honesty with my friends (of which [...]

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In house coach

Random question but have you ever considered being an in house coach for a business? I wish my workplace had someone like you on staff!! We have these meetings and workshops that are like tick box exercises, motivational sometimes, but usually just a waste of a Friday. To have a coach who we could call [...]

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