Sports day guilt

Last week our school (my kids’ school) had its sports day. We didnt go. We being me, my partner and our kids who attend the school. The story is a long one but to sum it up. We attended last year for the first time. It was confronting on a number of levels. The food [...]

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I keep going back and forth on doing more study next year. I am considering, like you, a masters degree. I have been accepted into a program, but keep going back and forth on it, neither decision (to do it, to delay it) feels right. How do I make this decision? It’s draining my energy!

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I turn 50 today. I feel amazing. This course, of which i have been diligently doing the work every day since January 1, has allowed me to open to who I am at my core, own my values, design my life, lose a few kilos, decide to work less, sleep more, take up hiking and [...]

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