Laura has acted as a true guide through the often rough waters that accompany the transitions from school to university, and university to the initial chapters of a career. These transitions are often defined by ambiguity and sometimes fear. However, working with Laura, I have felt that I have been able to move through these changes with clarity and ease.

Some of the most important work I have done with Laura has been transformation of my relationships in both home, work and learning settings. Her coaching is emotionally intelligent and driven by practical strategies in which I have been able to integrate into my life seamlessly.

Her own corporate experience enables her to provide practical insights within high-performance environments. She is able to detail the intricacies of the unique experience it is to be a young woman in a fast-moving, ambitious environment. Such insights guide her framework for designing your own life, which considers not only professional but personal and wellbeing goals.

Laura has coached me to become a better student, colleague, daughter, sister and friend – and is someone I am truly grateful for.