I began coaching with Laura based on the recommendation of one of my clients at a time when I was looking to take my new start-up business from part-time to full-time.

When I initially came to Laura I was struggling to find the balance. I’m a “yes” person and have a tendency to take on too much, including too much unpaid or low bono work to help people out. With Laura’s encouragement, I’ve had to make some tough decisions and set limits for myself, by defining my own values and priorities.

I’m a self-confessed perfectionist and someone who won’t settle for second best when it comes to my work. However, coaching with Laura has helped me to see that perfectionism can actually be a cop out. I’m striking a better balance between high quality client work and ticking all important business development work off my list.


The workbooks provided created an important framework, allowing Laura to get to know my business, and me to recognise areas of improvement.
Through coaching, I’m learning to treat my own business development work with the same level of prioritisation that I do my client work – and already seeing the rewards for doing so.

I’m starting to more deeply understand the power of my offering, and recognising the power of planning. While I thought I was a good planner before, I’ve always taken quite a relaxed attitude when it comes to my non-work hours. Now, I’m taking more time to schedule work, play and time with family to achieve better balance in my life.

Laura strikes a good balance between tough love and encouragement. As my own worst critic, this is what I’ve needed. She’s also been a great fit for me as she takes a holistic approach to coaching, recognising that all areas of our life need to be in balance to achieve greater success in business. As a fellow mum, she is also realistic about the curveballs that little ones add to the equation, and no doubt relates to the very real juggle of balancing business and family.
Doing this work has been an investment in my business and myself. It’s been an illuminating experience and is helping me to put in place goals and strategies to see KIS Communications flourish.