I had tried everything to lose weight, diets, programs, gyms, personal trainer’s detoxes. Nothing worked. I was sceptical that life coaching would be any different but gave it a go. Wow was I wrong! I have lost 10 kilos and am at my ideal weight and I know that I will never regain that weight. I know this because of life coaching with you. The diets, gyms, 12 week programs all tried to change my behaviour (overeating) but never got to the reason why I was overeating so they never worked. I learnt that it was my mindset that was holding me back from reaching my ideal weight and your program taught me how to coach myself and change my thinking so that I was able to easily change my behaviour. I will never again diet, hate my body, be mean to myself. I have found a place where I have total confidence in my body and myself and am so grateful for your coaching and guidance. Thank you!