Even though we knew we had a strong business and were really proud for our product, we were floundering and lacked direction. Through a series of workbooks, Laura challenged us to look inwards to learn what it was that was actually holding us back. It certainly would have been easier to continue on as we were because the exercises Laura asked of us required real thought and some challenging soul-searching, but the result was a clear understanding of where we were falling short and what we needed to do to improve in those areas. We have benefited greatly from working with Laura and would highly recommend this service to other small businesses in need of some fine tuning.

Jane, Adelaide

I had tried everything to lose weight, diets, programs, gyms, personal trainer’s detoxes. Nothing worked. I was sceptical that life coaching would be any different but gave it a go. Wow was I wrong! I have lost 10 kilos and am at my ideal weight and I know that I will never regain that weight. I know this because of life coaching with you. The diets, gyms, 12 week programs all tried to change my behaviour (overeating) but never got to the reason why I was overeating so they never worked. I learnt that it was my mindset that was holding me back from reaching my ideal weight and your program taught me how to coach myself and change my thinking so that I was able to easily change my behaviour. I will never again diet, hate my body, be mean to myself. I have found a place where I have total confidence in my body and myself and am so grateful for your coaching and guidance. Thank you!

Therese, Potts Point

Before coaching with Laura I had an outwardly successful life, nice husband, family, house, car, job, body. But inwardly I was suffering. I felt totally unfulfilled and found myself over drinking over shopping and basically checking out of my life. I struggled to change my habits that I could see were making me feel worse. Coaching changed my life completely. It taught me that I am in charge of my own mind, of how feel and act and it gave me the tools and strategy to change the habits that were holding me back from feeling real joy in my every day. I see coaching now as my monthly mental gym membership. Our monthly sessions are the time I spend training my brain, investing in my mental health and overall wellbeing. It makes me a better person, wife, mother, employer and it makes me feel supported and accountable. Best investment ever. Thank you!

Kylie, Somerton Park

Coaching with Laura has had a huge impact on my life and family. Her knowledge and guidance has changed my life and I feel so much better for it. As a stay at home mum, going through a divorce, feeling totally lost both within myself and on the outside as well your coaching was what got me through the hardest time in my life. Looking back I can see that my life was not aligned with what my highest priorities were and that was the real source of my unhappiness. Now I have a meaningful, fun, purposeful and content life. I encourage anyone who is struggling with overwhelm, stress, anxiety, separation, confusion, loss of a sense of self to coach with you, it will change their lives forever.

Amy, South Yarra

I began coaching with Laura based on the recommendation of one of my clients at a time when I was looking to take my new start-up business from part-time to full-time.

Laura strikes a good balance between tough love and encouragement. As my own worst critic, this is what I’ve needed. She’s also been a great fit for me as she takes a holistic approach to coaching, recognising that all areas of our life need to be in balance to achieve greater success in business. As a fellow mum, she is also realistic about the curveballs that little ones add to the equation, and no doubt relates to the very real juggle of balancing business and family.

Doing this work has been an investment in my business and myself. It’s been an illuminating experience and is helping me to put in place goals and strategies to see KIS Communications flourish.

Lauren, KIS Communications, Adelaide

I have to be honest, the coaching wasn’t easy. It was confronting and it challenged me. But for once I made myself a priority and I invested in myself. I knew that if I put in the work I would be rewarded. And I was. So quickly was I able to see things in a new light, let go of baggage that had been weighing me down and identify my new career path.

This coaching has put me in momentum. I’ve got my sparkle back and I’m excited, not just about the future but about all the little steps along the way because now I know where I’m headed. Life is always going to be busy but there is never going to be the perfect time to start something, so why not start now? That’s what I did and I don’t regret it for one second.

Emilie, Adelaide

Laura has acted as a true guide through the often rough waters that accompany the transitions from school to university, and university to the initial chapters of a career. Some of the most important work I have done with Laura has been transformation of my relationships in both home, work and learning settings. Her coaching is emotionally intelligent and driven by practical strategies in which I have been able to integrate into my life seamlessly. Her own corporate experience enables her to provide practical insights within high-performance environments. She is able to detail the intricacies of the unique experience it is to be a young woman in a fast-moving, ambitious environment.  Such insights guide her framework for designing your own life, which considers not only professional but personal and wellbeing goals. Laura has coached me to become a better student, colleague, daughter, sister and friend – and is someone I am truly grateful for.

Lauren, Adelaide

I have worked with Laura for the last 4 years, commencing when I was in year 10 and decided I wanted study Medicine at University. Her support and guidance as been the key determining factor in my success in gaining entry to study Medicine at university and my continued success in my studies and beyond. Her strategies for managing stress, exam preparation, planning, ‘deep discipline’, mental ‘priming’ and developing a personal value of excellence in all that I do has set me up for life. I am beyond grateful for Laura’s work and look forward to working with her each month until she retires!

Jon, Medical/Surgery University Student

Laura’s coaching has been the most valuable influence towards myself development and growth. Her wisdom, empathy and thoughtfulness has guided me through the opportunities and challenges of school, university and relationships. Laura provides inspiring yet practical insights, which was especially instrumental towards my success in year 12. I am beyond grateful for the impact that Laura has and continues to have on my life. She has a great ability to meet people wherever they are, providing the perspective required for continual growth.

Victoria, Law/Economics University Student


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