I work with a very limited number of private coaching clients each year.

Private coaching involves 1 or 2 one-on-one (in person or via Zoom call) coaching sessions per month, unlimited email contact between sessions, personalised workbooks, regular check in’s…basically me, by your side as your persona coach at a cost of between AUD $550.00 – $1100.00 inc. GST per month. These sessions are based on the Your Life Designed coaching formula, but are tailored to your specific circumstances.

I work with people from various backgrounds and industries including but not limited to, business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, athletes, performers, professionals and motivated parents.

What they all have in common is a desire to achieve growth in all areas of their life while maintaining optimal wellbeing and high performance long term.

They are motivated and inspired.

I help them take their life to the next level.

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I am aware that one-on-one coaching is, for many people, not something they can afford financially.

I am committed to my work and to reaching as many people as possible with this life changing work.

I share many of my tools and teachings via my free weekly podcast, you can click here to listen to the latest episodes.



For those who want to actually take the reading, listening and learning they do via this podcast and other teachers and APPLY it in their life, to see real changes, I have created this 12 class self-coaching program.

This program is for people who are motivated to grow and make changes, people who want to apply my coaching principles in their life.

This program brings together the latest research on human potential and high performance. It teaches you actionable strategies to implement in your life. It takes ideas, knowledge and learning to the next level, so that you get the results you want in your life.

How do we live with optimal wellbeing, perform at our best and stay sane long term?

This coaching program gives you the skills to consistently perform at a high level in all areas of your life with a sense of joy, confidence and fulfilment.

You will get clarity on what it is that you want for your future, what you want to grow into.

You will clean up your life, get a handle on overwhelm, learn to manage your mind, emotions, time and expectations.

You will identify what drives you, what you are deeply connected to, what your why is.

You will learn the essential habits that will ensure you maintain wellbeing, performance and energy long term.

This program will transform your life, I guarantee it.

Your Life Designed.

Extraordinary people.

Extraordinary lives.


You can either purchase the 12 classes as one program, or individual classes.

Each class includes (emailed to you as downloadable PDF files):

  • Learning & Reflection workbook
  • Daily Action Journal to show you how to actually apply the work to your life
  • Podcast Guide
  • 3-4 weekly audio podcast lessons to show you how to create the life you desire
  • Extra learning workbooks on: business and entrepreneurship, over eating, over drinking, relationships, daily intention setting, managing energy and money mindset (ONLY for those who purchase the whole 12-class program)


  1. Who Do You Want To Be?
  2. Decide & Committ
  3. Plan, Schedule & Execute
  4. Simplify Your Life
  5. How To Have Better Relationships
  6. Health: What You Eat, What You Drink
  7. Health: How You Move, How You Sleep & Natural Light
  8. What Is Your Purpose. What Is Your Contribution To The World?
  9. Massive Action & Productivity
  10. How To Ask Better Questions
  11. Time To Be. More Being, Less Proving. Mindfulness
  12. Courage To Be 100% You. Taking Your Life To The Next Level.


3 classes for $360.00 AUD

6 classes for $660.00 AUD

12 classes PLUS extra learning workbooks in business, eating, drinking, relationships and optimal wellbeing $1200.00 AUD


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“Even though we knew we had a strong business and were really proud for our product, we were floundering and lacked direction. Through a series of workbooks, Laura challenged us to look inwards to learn what it was that was actually holding us back. It certainly would have been easier to continue on as we were because the exercises Laura asked of us required real thought and some challenging soul-searching, but the result was a clear understanding of where we were falling short and what we needed to do to improve in those areas. We have benefited greatly from working with Laura and would highly recommend this service to other small businesses in need of some fine tuning.”

Jane Cameron, Fête Press


“I had tried everything to lose weight, diets, programs, gyms, personal trainer’s detoxes. Nothing worked. I was sceptical that life coaching would be any different but gave it a go. Wow was I wrong! I have lost 10 kilos and am at my ideal weight and I know that I will never regain that weight. I know this because of life coaching with you. The diets, gyms, 12 week programs all tried to change my behaviour (overeating) but never got to the reason why I was overeating so they never worked. I learnt that it was my mindset that was holding me back from reaching my ideal weight and your program taught me how to coach myself and change my thinking so that I was able to easily change my behaviour. I will never again diet, hate my body, be mean to myself. I have found a place where I have total confidence in my body and myself and am so grateful for your coaching and guidance. Thank you!”

Therese, Adelaide


“Before coaching with Laura I had an outwardly successful life, nice husband, family, house, car, job, body. But inwardly I was suffering. I felt totally unfulfilled and found myself over drinking over shopping and basically checking out of my life. I struggled to change my habits that I could see were making me feel worse. Coaching changed my life completely. It taught me that I am in charge of my own mind, of how feel and act and it gave me the tools and strategy to change the habits that were holding me back from feeling real joy in my every day. I see coaching now as my monthly mental gym membership. Our monthly sessions are the time I spend training my brain, investing in my mental health and overall wellbeing. It makes me a better person, wife, mother, employer and it makes me feel supported and accountable. Best investment ever. Thank you!”

Kylie, Somerton Park


“Coaching with you has had a huge impact on my life and family. Your knowledge and guidance has changed my life and I feel so much better for it. As a stay at home mum, going through a divorce, feeling totally lost both within myself and on the outside as well your coaching was what got me through the hardest time in my life. Looking back I can see that my life was not aligned with what my highest priorities were and that was the real source of my unhappiness. Now I have a meaningful, fun, purposeful and content life. I encourage anyone who is struggling with overwhelm, stress, anxiety, separation, confusion, loss of a sense of self to coach with you, it will change their lives forever.”

Amy, South Yarra


I began coaching with Laura based on the recommendation of one of my clients at a time when I was looking to take my new start-up business from part-time to full-time.

When I initially came to Laura I was struggling to find the balance. I’m a “yes” person and have a tendency to take on too much, including too much unpaid or low bono work to help people out. With Laura’s encouragement, I’ve had to make some tough decisions and set limits for myself, by defining my own values and priorities.

I’m a self-confessed perfectionist and someone who won’t settle for second best when it comes to my work. However, coaching with Laura has helped me to see that perfectionism can actually be a cop out. I’m striking a better balance between high quality client work and ticking all important business development work off my list.

The workbooks provided created an important framework, allowing Laura to get to know my business, and me to recognise areas of improvement.

Through coaching, I’m learning to treat my own business development work with the same level of prioritisation that I do my client work – and already seeing the rewards for doing so.

I’m starting to more deeply understand the power of my offering, and recognising the power of planning. While I thought I was a good planner before, I’ve always taken quite a relaxed attitude when it comes to my non-work hours. Now, I’m taking more time to schedule work, play and time with family to achieve better balance in my life.

Laura strikes a good balance between tough love and encouragement. As my own worst critic, this is what I’ve needed. She’s also been a great fit for me as she takes a holistic approach to coaching, recognising that all areas of our life need to be in balance to achieve greater success in business. As a fellow mum, she is also realistic about the curveballs that little ones add to the equation, and no doubt relates to the very real juggle of balancing business and family.

Doing this work has been an investment in my business and myself. It’s been an illuminating experience and is helping me to put in place goals and strategies to see KIS Communications flourish.

Lauren, KIS Communications, Adelaide


I am the wearer of many of hats…wife, mum, friend, chef, chauffer, counsellor, advisor, activity organiser…I could go on and on and on…The thing is, I was so busy looking after everyone else’s best interests that I had neglected to look after my own. My name is Emilie. I’m 37 years old and until recently, I was very discontented.

For the past 13 years I’ve worked as a cardiac technician, and while there are many aspects of my work that I’m passionate about, there are other aspects that are no longer aligned with my values and priorities. I knew it was time for a change, but instead of changing, I just put on another hat called…’Procrastinator!’

It was a fortuitous meeting with Laura that got me thinking about actively spending some time on myself; to deal with some of the major hurdles in my life such as grief and resentment, to start feeling more at peace and contented again, and, to FINALLY make a decision on my career direction.

I have to be honest, the coaching wasn’t easy. It was confronting and it challenged me. But for once I made myself a priority and I invested in myself. I knew that if I put in the work I would be rewarded. And I was. So quickly was I able to see things in a new light, let go of baggage that had been weighing me down and identify my new career path.

This coaching has put me in momentum. I’ve got my sparkle back and I’m excited, not just about the future but about all the little steps along the way because now I know where I’m headed. Life is always going to be busy but there is never going to be the perfect time to start something, so why not start now? That’s what I did and I don’t regret it for one second.

And a special word for the mums out there…it’s ok to wear many hats but I just remember to take them off once in a while to Just. Be. Me.

Emilie, Adelaide


I have always been very driven, hardworking and determined to achieve my goals. I found myself in a position where I had achieved my short term goals, and hadn’t given much thought to what I wanted my life to look like beyond that. So without this constant drive to achieve I felt directionless and lost.

I work in a large multinational organisation that is well known for asking a lot from its staff – long hours, high pressure and high stress environment. Most people come into the organisation understanding these high expectations but taking it as an opportunity to achieve huge professional growth and reward along the way. However, this often results in people leaving because they struggle to balance their personal life with the demands of work and decide it’s not the life they want. This happened to over half my team in a period of 12 months.

It left me feeling drained and over worked. It made me ask myself if this is really what I wanted for my future. I felt like I had given most of myself to my career in the last 5 years and let go of some of the things that I enjoy and identify with.

At breaking point I reached out to HR and after listing to me for a while she suggested I speak with Laura. I was a little sceptical at first. I have always been quite proud of my strength and resilience, and particularly when it came to my mental state. I didn’t want a counsellor. I just wanted the answer! To understand what I really wanted in life so that I could do what I do best… go get it!

I met with Laura and told her a little about myself. I was comforted by her understanding of my situation and my thoughts. So I set out with the intention of getting as much out of my time with Laura as possible. I promised myself that I would be completely open and honest with myself and complete all the tasks.

We have been seeing each other fortnightly for the last 8 weeks. In between meetings I prepare work books provided by Laura and often have daily homework tasks to complete. I have found the work books a really good opportunity to self-reflect and understand myself better. They are structured in such a way that lead you to discovering your own personal solutions.

In particular, I have really enjoyed understanding my personal values and how to live them out in any situation, and why that is best for me. I have also really benefited from understanding the impact my thoughts have on my state of mind, and how to self-coach to a better outcome.

I’ve learned to slow down and be more deliberate with my time and energy. I’ve learned that it’s not all about the destination, but about being true to yourself on the journey. Laura has taught me that there will always be problems in life, and that I just need to choose which problems I want to have.

I now feel a lot more in control of my feelings and responses because I am better managing my thoughts. There are still times that I feel overwhelmed but I am more equipped to handle these difficult situations. I would definitely recommend Laura’s coaching to my friends and family. It’s so good just understanding better how to be me.

Lauren, Adelaide


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